Bima & Salahudien’s Cape Town Muslim Wedding

It was such an honour for us to capture Bima and Salahudien’s beautiful Cape Town Muslim wedding.  They are the sweetest, most gentle couple.  When they are together, their eyes light up.  It’s hard to think that they spent so much time apart.  Bima is from Mozambique and Salahudien, from Cape Town.  Their sisters are friends, and decided it was time to introduce the two to each other.  And thus began a lengthy Facebook chat.  It was quite some time before they actually met, but when they did, as they say “the rest was history.”

Bima and Salahudien’s wedding weekend started on the Friday night already with a traditional Mehndi Evening.  Understandably this Cape Town Muslim wedding was small in comparison to most.  It simply would just not have been possible for everyone to make the trip to Cape Town.  Nevertheless Bima was surrounded by her nearest and dearest, with some family members even making the trip across from the States.  How lovely to hear Portuguese being spoken throughout the weekend’s events!  Salahudien’s family made us feel so welcome too, what a kind, lovely family.

On the morning of the wedding we started off at the beautiful Habibia Soofie Saheb Mosque for the Nikkah ceremony.  Even though this was a Cape Town Muslim wedding, it felt more like we had been transported to an exotic land far away.  We are so privileged to experience other cultures right here in our own city.  We loved the kitty’s in the Mosque.  They seemed quite at home there!

After changing outfits, there was a small ceremony for the groom to “collect” his new wife.  We then went to the legendary Uncle Sam’s (from Sam’s Aquarium fame) home in Constantia for the creative shoot.  Bima and Salahudien got to sample one of Uncle Sam and Aunty Naiema’s famous pink milkshakes.  Thank you for always making us feel so welcome and letting us use your beautiful garden.

The day ended off with an evening reception at Tuscany Gardens and a quick visit to the couple’s new home.

Thank you,  Bima and Salahudien for choosing us to capture your special moments.  It was an honour being part of your wedding weekend!

What we’ll always remember about their wedding day

  • A touch of Maputo.  Hearing the Portuguese lilt made the wedding day even MORE exotic!
  • The gorgeous outfits – some of them lovingly made by Bima’s mom.
  • The most delicious dates we’ve tasted in a long time in one of Cape Town’s most beautiful Mosques!
  • The sweet kitty’s in the Mosque.  They could not have chosen a better place to call home.
  • One of the sweetest, gentlest couples we have met in a long time.

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