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TSiBA Appreciation Awards 2015

Being event photographers in Cape Town is quite different to shooting weddings.  Even though things happen at the speed of lightening at both,  weddings lend themselves to creating something more artistic.  Sometimes it’s hard to switch into ‘corporate mode’ when shooting something such as an event.   We still tend to approach the shoot with the idea of creating unique images.  We don’t just want ‘happy snappies’ that anyone could have taken.  We are probably our own worst enemies!

Recently we had the opportunity of being event photographers in Cape Town for the TSiBA Appreciation Awards Ceremony.  This ceremony is held annually.  It honours the top achievers, staff members as well as introducing the new SRC.  Luckily, we know that TSiBA events are never boring and mundane.  Quite honestly, they still enable us to leave our little artistic impression on the end product!

We’ve come a long way with TSiBA already.  We honestly feel like part of the family.  Their events are something else.  There is so much energy, joy and appreciation.  To us it’s about the faces – all of them so beautiful and each with a story to tell – sometimes not always an easy one.  But mostly it is a humbling experience.  To see how someone has risen out of their adversity and succeeded really does warm your heart.  It also gives hope.

The pair of mc’s was wonderful and such natural speakers.  The vibe in the crowd is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.  Your ears are literally buzzing when you leave!  The spontaneity is infectious. As students are called to the front, a lot of cheering and clapping happens!

Thank you, TSiBA for this opportunity to capture yet another one of your wonderful events.  We are so happy that we can do our little bit to help create memories for you.

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One Comment

  1. Sandi October 19, 2015 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    Dear Selma, Andre and Expressions Photography

    Thank you so much for, a always, capturing the live magic of TSiBA – never thought it was possible 🙂

    What a special TSiBA Awards Ceremony the pics just bring back the vibe totally!

    Can’t wait to share the pics with everyone I have no doubt they will be tweeted, facebooked, become pro-pics in seconds!

    See you at the next one!

    Very best

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