Covid Chronicles of a Cape Town wedding photo team

15 years, 165 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes and 36 seconds

That’s how long this Cape Town Wedding Photo Team has been snapping wedding photographs.  To be be honest, just as with any business there have been highs and lows.  Some months have been brilliant, others ok and some downright horrible.

Working for ourselves has been a conscious choice though.  You kind of get used to living on the edge.  But we would not have it any other way.  We absolutely love what we do!

On the upside, a bit of down time every so often is not a bad thing.  As creatives one often has to recharge both literally and figuratively speaking.  The quieter months allowed us to pursuit our other passion which is travel.  At times collecting passport stamps and shooting became a blurred line as the two combined.  And we were literally in photography heaven.

Then along came a pandemic called COVID-19.  And suddenly in the blink of an eye, this very Cape Town wedding photo team was stopped dead in their tracks.  We unplugged the chargers and packed away the cameras.   There was nothing more to look forward to in the inbox, just a bunch of spam.  There was no doubt in our minds that times were going to be tough.   We just did not realize how tough.  Being associated with the hospitality, entertainment and creative arts industries we will be one of the last to be able to resume our professions.  Times ahead are uncertain, and who knows when we’ll be able to shoot again.

But we’ve decided to remain positive.  We’re investing time into thinking about creative ideas to tide us over for now.  We’re looking forward to shooting all of those weddings that have been postponed and grateful that not too many have been completely cancelled.  Having time on our hands has also given us time to reflect the past 15 years by flipping through old images.

Take a step back in time to 16th of November 2004.  A day that will forever remain etched in our calendars.  This was the day we shot our very first wedding.  It was still back in the day of film.  We’ve a whole box full of negatives spanning the first two years of our photographic career.  We gradually shifted over to having our negatives scanned in and supplying them to our couples on CD.  Then in 2008 we took the plunge and went fully digital.  Although it meant far more work with regards to post processing, it opened up a whole new exciting world.  And here we are – nearly 16 years down the line, and still loving every minute of it!

We know that when the time is right, we’ll be able to dust off our cameras and continue where we left off.

While we use this time to recharge, reflect and reinvent ourselves, sit back and enjoy this photographic journey with us.  Here are a few of our favourite couple (and a few bridal) images taken through the years.  As mentioned, our first few weddings were never scanned to disc, and we also encountered two malfunctioning hard drives so there are a few more we would have loved to add, but that’s a job for another day.  Thank you to every single one of our amazing couples who have helped us live our dream!  We are forever indebted to you for putting your trust in us to capture your most special of days!

Hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with us!

Stay safe and see you on the other side

Cape Town wedding photo team,

Andre & Selma


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