Durbanville Family Shoot

The Louw Family

What a lovely Sunday afternoon spent with the Louw family doing this Durbanville family shoot.  We were thrilled when Sunel contacted us to do a family photo shoot for them.  We photographed Sunel and JN’s wedding a few years back, and now they are three.  With the addition of baby Mercia, they make the sweetest little family.  Isn’t Mercia such an unusual, old fashioned name?  It has been handed down the generations – so special.

We met up at the Louw family home in Durbanville.  It was a good choice!  Lots of natural light coming in through the windows, and I think baby’s often feel more comfortable in their own environments with familiar sights, sounds and smells around them.  Aunty Mariette’s leopard painting featured quite a bit in the photos too!

Mercia went through a range of cute reactions!  Some of them brought on with a bit of help from the “smiley face” card which was clearly a hit.

I sometimes had to swap my camera for this, but it certainly made for some interesting expressions – mine behind Andre’s back were probably interesting too!

Little Mercia already has a mind of her own.  But bless her, she only cried when she was hungry.  So with a few little snack breaks in between she was a real little trooper.  Mercia is definitely a mommy’s girl, but my word, she looks just like her daddy!

When we started the shoot, Mercia was wearing a little black tutu – so very cute.  Sunel then changed her into a special dress sent from a family member overseas. She looked like a little doll.  And it was also then that she became very “talkative” and full of smiles!

Thank you to the Louw family for allowing us a little sneak into your lives now that you have a family of your own.  So lovely to document this next chapter in your lives doing this Durbanville family shoot!

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  2. Marlene Swart May 18, 2017 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Very special. Well done.

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