Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a DSLR camera (also called “a big fancy camera” by some), doesn’t make a professional wedding photographer, as much as owning a sports car and a helmet doesn’t make a racing driver!

A professional wedding photographer will have perfected their image capturing & editing skills over time. They should have an over-the-top passion for what they do, own a variety of pro-grade lenses and back-up equipment, and shoot in RAW-format for maximum flexibility. They should be prepared to capture the key moments as well as the unscripted stolen moments, but should also be able to keep their composure when unexpected wedding day curveballs get thrown their way.

Your wedding images are the only lasting memory of one of the most special days of your lives. Choose your wedding photographer with care, too many couples don’t. When your wedding guests have gone home, the food has been scoffed, the flowers have wilted, and your eccentric uncle has given up on trying to get a date with one of your bridesmaids, all that you will have left are your beautiful wedding photographs. In the words of Benjamin Franklin:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Send us an email with details of your wedding date and wedding venue, or if you prefer, complete our contact form and we’ll send you our wedding packages and wedding contract. If you’re in Cape Town or surrounds, please join us for a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about your wedding day. If you are a little further away, we can always chat over Skype.

Your wedding photographer is going to spend most of your special day with you, so it would be great to know that you’ll get along.

When you decide to book us, a 20% booking fee secures our services for your wedding day.

We do not limit ourselves to the number of wedding images we take on your special day. We click away as the wedding day’s events and emotions unfold before us. Ultimately you should end up with between 600-800 wedding images, from a regular 8 hour wedding.

We lovingly and professionally edit your wedding images, using the wedding photographer’s favourite software, Lightroom and Photoshop. This “2nd shoot” is where we transform your wedding images into wedding day “masterpieces”. If however you have a special editing request, i.e. you prefer to have a slight resemblance to Sophia Loren, we suggest you discuss this with us beforehand!

Wedding season in Cape Town is hectically busy, but we try our best to get the wedding images to our newlyweds between 6-8 weeks after the wedding date. In the quiet wedding season this time period could be substantially reduced. If you Like our Facebook page, we regularly post little wedding day sneak peeks as we go along.

Like all professional wedding photographers our images are captured in RAW-format and your final edited images are handed to you in JPG-format. Regrettably we don’t release our original RAW-images. RAW-images represent the canvas on which we create our artistic wedding photographs. Our final product reflects our own artistic style of wedding photography and carries our personalized stamp.

In and around Cape Town we are blessed with fantastic service providers to the wedding photography industry. We can offer our newlyweds products ranging from prints, wedding albums, thank you cards, coffee table books, to canvas prints. If you have a special request, we’ll gladly try to accommodate you.

Our standard wedding package allows for 8-hours of coverage. We’ll gladly cater for additional hours if you need longer coverage.

As you’ll probably know, Saturdays are very popular for weddings in Cape Town. Regrettably there are only 4 Saturdays (sometimes 5) per month. If your wedding day falls within peak wedding season, December to March, book 12 months ahead of time; the other months require at least 6-9 months. If you REALLY want US, book as soon as possible.

Our images portray a blend of styled- and photojournalistic wedding photography. We love documenting the unscripted moments and little glances that tell the story of your wedding day, however, you may appreciate a little direction when it comes to the bridal, family and couple photographs.

Ultimately we’d like our wedding couples to have a mix of wedding images, some fun, some fit for granny’s mantel piece and some just so emotional that you’ll struggle not shed a tear.

We shoot exclusively with Canon equipment. This includes 3x full-frame camera bodies, a selection of Professional L-lenses and various Canon Speedlights. We regularly expand our photographic equipment, so there is always something new and exciting in our bags.

Travel expenses are included within a 60 km radius of Cape Town. Should your wedding venue fall outside of the Cape Town area, Automobile Association rates may apply to transport costs. If your wedding takes place more than 1.5 hours drive from Cape Town, we may require overnight accommodation.

If your wedding is in another province of South Africa, or perhaps another country, airfares and accommodation may apply. However you’ll find us very accommodating to say the least, as we love crossing borders and oceans!

Although we’ve shot at so many of Cape Town’s favourite wedding venues, we still do a location scout before each wedding. We like to find new locations, beautiful backdrops and undiscovered gems.

Yes please! By the time we walk into the reception, our last meal will be a distant memory and we’ll have been on our feet for many hours. In a perfect world a separate little 2-person table on the side will suffice. Seating us with your guests at a table is just fine too, however all our camera equipment tends to be a bit of a nuisance and makes people somewhat nervous.

We’d love to! The last thing you want is to be stressed on your wedding day and feel that you are racing against the clock. Allow enough time for all activities to be done at a leisurely pace. We will walk to the ends of the earth for you to give you images to treasure for a lifetime. In return all we ask for is sufficient time to capture the special moments. This will ensure the standard of wedding photography you booked us for in the first place.