Melkbos Maternity Shoot

Nanda & Richard

We had so much fun with Nanda & Richard during their Melkbos maternity shoot.  We had scheduled their shoot for December already, but the weather (especially the wind) was not being our friend, and we had to reschedule.

And then came the day of our shoot in early January, and the good old south Easter, as it does between November and February, was howling away yet again.  Nanda and Richard had their hearts set on a beach shoot.  They’d even chosen a special secluded spot on the beach that they frequent, but it was not meant to be.  We decided to do part of their shoot at Richard’s parent’s home in Atlantic Beach, and then a few images on the estate.  Richards family own Uriah Designs, so of course their home would be gorgeous!  And in the end, everything worked out just perfectly.

How fun it was to include the family pets in Nanda & Richard’s Melkbos maternity shoot too.

The cat made a cameo appearance and then promptly disappeared, and their two rescue doggies were so well behaved and loved being part of the action (except for the odd photo bomb!)

Nanda and Richard, it has been such an honour to follow your journey.  From being your wedding photographers, to doing some work for your company, and now documenting this very special time in your lives.  How lovely to spend time with you during your Melkbos maternity shoot.  Thanks to your folks for letting us use their home.  We promise not to let out your mom’s Christmas tree secret.

All the best for the last little stretch before your little bundle makes his/her appearance.  We have no doubt that you are going to be great parents!

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