Meerendal Dedication Ceremony



How special and such an honour to be part of little Mia’s Meerendal Dedication ceremony.  What an interesting start to the day the Pretorius family had though!  They got stuck in the lift before making their way to Meerendal!  Somehow they managed to keep their cool, and although arriving late they did not even show the slightest sign of being frazzled at all!  Well done you guys!

The ceremony was beautifully conducted by Mia’s dad as well as some close family friends in the lovely little chapel on Meerendal wine estate.  What a perfect venue for both young and old!  Mia’s mom Mandie put so much effort into creating a beautiful setting for the function at Crown Restaurant.    We loved the cute bunny décor and pretty pastel colours.  She’d also made sure all of the children would have something to keep them occupied while the grown-ups chit chatted, by supplying gorgeous party packs for every kiddie present.  This was so thoughtful, and lovely to see how the little people were included in Mia’s special Meerendal Dedication ceremony.

And Mia’s  cake was just to die for!  So very cute!

After the ceremony, guests spent some time having drinks under the trees and socializing, while the kiddies had a ball playing in the large open spaces in the area around the chapel!  The weather was perfect to be outside!  Afterwards, everyone made their way down to the Crown Restaurant area for a lazy Sunday lunch.

Secretly, we both adore documentary photography.  There’s something about being a fly on the wall observing from the sidelines.  Mia’s gorgeous Meerendal Dedication ceremony certainly gave us the opportunity to do just that.  Thank you so much to the Pretorius family for choosing us to document Mia’s special day.  We hope you love your photos as much as we did taking them!

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