Tokai Forest Family Shoot

The Viljoen Family


A Tokai forest family shoot is a good way to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon.  A lot of people ask us if we don’t miss having weekends with all of the shoots we do.   The honest answer to that is YES, of course!  And we most certainly rejoice when we have the weekend off.   But when you meet such a lovely family, photographing them does not seem like work at all.  It feels more as if we are going for a walk in the forest with friends on a Sunday afternoon!

When Anel first contacted us, she told us that she loves nature.  She was not sure where she’d like to have their family shoot.  After a few more “probing” emails, we realized that she absolutely adores tall trees.  And this is how we ended up doing this Tokai forest family shoot.

I must say Anel & Jan-Dirk came well prepared with a whole stash of props.  When you have a newborn baby and a very curious little toddler, I think you have to be prepared for all eventualities when you leave home – lol!  Little Lambert was the star of the show.  He was so well behaved and co-operative – UNTIL his balloons floated off into the blue sky!  But with a few distractions such as his bright red tipper truck, he was all smiles again.  What a cute little boy he is, and so loving and doting over his newborn sister.

The little princess, Janel was only a few weeks old.  So happy we got a few shots of her in between sleeps and bouts of little shrieks!

Thank you so much to the Viljoen family for a lovely afternoon in the woods doing their Tokai forest family shoot.  We had so much fun with the four of you!

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    Dis so so pragtig!!

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