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Wedding Photography
“You don’t marry the person you can live with … you marry the person you can’t live without.” —Unknown Author

People often ask us why we chose to be wedding photographers. Come to think of it, we probably lean to the less schmaltzy side of the scale, so initially we would never have imagined ourselves spending most Saturday afternoons capturing people’s love stories. Truth is we soon discovered that deep down we are both hopeless romantics and sentimentalists at heart.
We believe in true love. We believe in fate. We soon realized that we wanted to tell people’s stories. Photographing weddings allows us to do just that. Nothing makes us happier than being able to capture the fun and emotion of a wedding day. There is something very beautiful about photographing someone in their most honest of moments.
For us wedding photography is about creating memories. When the skin wrinkles and grey hairs start to show, we want you to look at your wedding photographs and be taken right back to the day you said your “I do’s.” We want you to laugh and cry, to recall the scent of your wedding bouquet, feel the way the wind swept through your hair when it blew off your veil, and taste the saltiness of the tear that trickled down your cheek during the wedding speeches.

Our photographic style is natural and creative. Although we lean towards a more photojournalistic approach with our wedding photography, sometimes we do like to give a little guidance if it makes you feel more comfortable. For us it is important to be in sync with our couples. If we are all having fun, this is when the magic really happens.
Usually a typical wedding day shoot starts off making sure you have memories of your venue and décor. After that we capture the excitement of the wedding preparations. One of our favourite parts of the day is to photograph the wedding ceremony. Usually emotions are running high and moments are spontaneous. We make sure there are photographs of family and friends too, before spending some time alone with the couple. Wedding receptions are fabulous occasions. They are great opportunities for your wedding photographer to capture the joy, festivity and sometimes the silliness too.
We’ll let our wedding photographs tell the rest of the story.

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