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“Cape Town wedding photographers, Andre and Selma could be the right match for you.”

Behind the lens with Cape Town wedding photographers Andre & Selma

Cape Town wedding photographers, Andre and Selma would love to create magic with you on your wedding day.

If you’re finding it hard making a decision about your wedding photography, you are not alone.  We’ll admit, we did too a few years ago, so we know how you feel.

If you’re looking for a creative duo who combines their love for visual story telling with an ability to document the essence of your wedding day, we could be the right match for you.

Although we’ve mastered the technical paraphernalia along the way it’s the laughs and the tears; the gentle interactions and the crazy dance moves that keep us coming back for more.

We love telling people’s stories.  There is very little on earth that gets us more excited than creating something new.  Each wedding is an opportunity to create images that are not only unique, but that showcase how beautiful you are.

We are lovers of the world and light.  When we are not taking wedding photographs, we like to collect passport stamps. We are happiest when doing both.  Although Cape Town is our home, we do love a destination wedding either within the borders of South Africa or internationally.

We always work as a ‘team’ ensuring that your wedding day is covered from all angles.  Interesting backdrops, gorgeous colours and stolen moments make us smile.

The energy and love we put into what we do is conveyed through our imagery, leaving you with photographs that can be treasured for years to come.

We’d love to be part of your story.

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